Renowned blues guitarist Walter Trout, whose distinguished career includes stints with Canned Heat and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, was re-admitted to intensive care after suffering a bout of sepsis following his recent liver transplant.

Trout's wife Marie broke the news on Facebook, telling friends and followers that his latest health woes were triggered after a post-transplant liver biopsy "ended up either activating internal bacteria or inserting new ones in the bloodstream (the most likely scenario)." The results of that test, which was conducted to try and identify any potential problems with Trout's new liver, were inconclusive and will require follow-ups -- but first, his doctors had to deal with the serious infection incurred after the biopsy.

Fortunately, Trout's been transferred out of the ICU, and Marie tells fans he's been eating and getting out of bed to walk "a bit," so hopefully this latest setback will prove to be exceedingly temporary; as those who have been following his ordeal are aware, it's been a long, difficult battle, fraught with struggle and complications. It still hasn't stopped the music, though: Trout's most recent LP, 'The Blues Came Callin',' hit No. 2 on Billboard's Top Blues Albums chart after its June 2 release.

"It is a tough ride and I am sure we are all emotionally raw from it," admitted Marie in her post. "Please do not blame the doctors or the hospital. Medical science is not exact. Everybody is doing what they can. And bottom line is this: Walter will pull through this one too. Just watch!"

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