Van Halen will hit the road next month with Kool & The Gang opening selected shows, and if that seems like an odd choice for an opening act...stay tuned, because the funk doesn’t end there.

Blabbermouth uncovered that the artwork for Van Halen’s new album ‘A Different Kind of Truth’ is very similar to the cover art for ‘Movin’ On,’ the 1975 album by American soulsters the Commodores, who you probably remember because of songs like ‘Easy,’ ‘Three Times A Lady’ and their booty-quaking anthem ‘Brick House.’

Apparently, Van Halen is not only recycling a few of their own old riffs on this album -- they’re also finding ways to repurpose trains as well…and we’re okay with that, because the artwork looks really cool.

Rock and roll and trains are hardly a new combination – off the top of our heads, the artwork for Motorhead’s 1986 album ‘Orgasmatron’ also features a train, as did the stage set for AC/DC’s mammoth ‘Black Ice’ tour, which kicked off most nights with their then brand-new ‘Rock N’ Roll Train’ single.

Dubbed by David Lee Roth as “the king of ten fingers and six strings,” Edward Van Halen recently paid it forward in a big way by donating 75 of his guitars to L.A. public schools, ensuring that future generations of L.A. rockers will continue to kick it out with good old fashioned electric guitars.