Alice Cooper, being Alice Cooper, surprised few when he suggested killing touring mates Motley Crue as a send-off gesture. Now Tommy Lee, being Tommy Lee, is staying true to form in responding.

"That," Lee tells Yahoo, "would be awesome. I asked him, ‘Can you make three more of those guillotines? Then you could chop off all our heads at the same time!’”

Cooper is opening for Motley Crue on their on-going Final Tour, which will conclude on Dec. 31 in the band's hometown of Los Angeles. Both acts, though almost a generation apart, have long been known for their similar commitment to outlandish stage antics. As such, it's not hard to see that very last concert together including something quite out of the ordinary.

For his part, Lee insists that nothing has been decided -- but he says they won't shy away from the moment. "We're going to do something completely f--ed up," Lee adds. "I guarantee that."

Then, it's on to largely uncharted territories for Motley Crue. "Once this thing ends," Lee says, "we’re probably going to get involved in all kinds of crazy stuff. The doors are open for us to work with whoever we want." Once they get their noggins reaffixed, of course.

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