The Clash

Top 10 Clash Songs
These aren’t the only songs that matter for “the only band that matters,” but the Top 10 Clash Songs are a decent place to start. It’s not easy representing every facet of this British band, which began as a punk outfit then – at ligh…
The Clash, 'Sound System' - Album Review
The Clash's official studio output makes up more than half of the 12-disc box set 'Sound System,' which could be the most definitive document on the legendary punk band. Their five great albums are here; 'Cut the Crap,' the 1985 LP they made without guitarist Mick Jones, is …
30 Years Ago: The Clash Fire Mick Jones
In 1983, “the only band that matters” was poised to become the biggest band in the world. Over the course of a few years, the Clash had gone from punk upstarts to a passionately eclectic band capable of rocking stadiums.
Joe Strummer – August 2012 Classic Rock Birthdays
Joe Strummer was one-man testimony to the power rock and roll has to actually change the world. Having passed in Dec. 2002, he was known best as the frontman, co-founder, singer and rhythm guitarist of the English rock band the Clash.
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