Talking Heads

Talking Heads formed in New York City in the mid-'70s and quickly became fixtures in the New Wave scene with spiky songs like 'Psycho Killer.' After two albums of jagged, thorny art-rock, they steered into a different direction, adapting more worldly rhythms on their next few albums, peaking with 1980's genre-shifting 'Remain in Light,' one of the most influential albums of the period. In 1983, Talking Heads scored a hit with 'Burning Down the House,' and a subsequent tour made the band, particularly frontman David Byrne, unlikely stars. After a few more albums -- in which they explored Americana and pop -- the band (which also included keyboardist Jerry Harrison, bassist Tina Weymouth and drummer Chris Frantz) broke up. Married couple Weymouth and Frantz formed Tom Tom Club; Byrne launched a globe-trotting solo career.

Unreleased Talking Heads Song Surfaces Online
It seems unlikely that we'll ever get new music from Talking Heads, but there are still unexplored corners of the band's legacy -- like 'Theme,' an instrumental track from their early years that's currently making the rounds online.
'CBGB' Soundtrack Info
This October will see the premiere of 'CBGB," a movie about the legendary Manhattan club that witnessed the birth of punk. Yesterday (Aug. 2), the contents of the soundtrack were released, and it contains some of that scene's most familiar names.
Top 10 David Byrne Talking Heads Lyrics
It's tough separating Talking Heads' lyrics from their music. After all, they were famous for their innovative use of rhythm, and brought African and other musical ideas from around the world long before Paul Simon and other pop stars got there...
Talking Heads' Best
Talking Heads were one of the strangest groups to come out of the punk and New Wave movements of the mid-to-late '70s, and not just because frontman David Byrne was a total oddball. In an era where fans were forced to take sides among the classic rock 'n' roll they were used to and this new variatio…
Talking Heads – Best Animated Album Covers
'Remain in Light'
Talking Heads were ready to dispel the idea in 1980 that they were David Byrne and "three other musicians." Not only was their album a more collaborative effort, they wanted to drive the point home by having all four members appear on the 'Remain in …

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