Joe Cocker

Weekend Songs: Joe Cocker, ‘Feelin’ Alright’
Classic rock is about heavy hooks, power chords and tight harmonies. But it’s also about letting loose and enjoying the good times. And there’s no better time for that than Friday evening, when we pick up our paycheck, punch out of work and enjoy a couple days of much…
Jimmy Page – Secret Guests in Rock Songs
Before Jimmy Page cemented his legacy as the mastermind behind one of rock's greatest supergroups, the Firm (just kidding!), he was a much in-demand studio guitarist whose work appears -- sometimes uncredited -- on famous songs by the Who, the Kinks and many others.
McCullough Setback
Back in November, we learned that Henry McCullough, the guitarist who worked with Joe Cocker and Paul McCartney in Wings, was in critical condition following a serious heart attack. Unfortunately, McCullough's recovery has not gone as well as hoped. This Wednesday (Jan. 30) it was reported that…
Joe Cocker – Best Animated Album Covers
'With a Little Help From My Friends'
The ever-expressive Joe Cocker had one of those great expressions on the cover of his 1969 debut album, 'With a Little Help From My Friends.' For this GIF version, the animator decided that the "Oh" face warranted a Bobblehead…

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