Creedence Clearwater Revival

Creedence Clearwater Revival came out of the San Francisco Bay area in the late ‘60s. But they sounded nothing like the other bands making noise during that fertile period in rock history. In fact, Creedence -- fronted by singer and songwriter John Fogerty -- sounded like they hailed from the other part of the country; specifically, the bayou swamps of Louisiana and the wide-open fields of the American South. During a whirlwind four-year period, they released a stunning string of Top 10 singles (collected on the essential ‘Chronicle Vol. 1’) and classic albums like ‘Willy and the Poor Boys.’ Whether chronicling deep, dark fables (‘Bad Moon Rising’) or railing against political injustice (‘Fortunate Son’), Fogerty was the voice of the everyman who saw the hippie dream and turned down the other path instead. Forty-five years later, his songs are still timely.

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