Bad Company

Singer Paul Rodgers and drummer Simon Kirke formed Bad Company -- after they split from their previous band, Free -- with Mott the Hoople guitarist Mick Ralphs and King Crimson bassist Boz Burrell. Their self-titled debut album, released on Led Zeppelin's custom label Swan Song, was an immediate hit, going straight to No. 1. Rodgers left the band in 1982 and was replaced by Brian Howe, who was replaced in 1995 by Robert Hart. There have been many lineup changes along the way, but the core quartet made the band's best-known songs, like "Can't Get Enough" and "Feel Like Makin' Love," both of which hit the Top 10 in the mid-'70s.

Is This Your Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy?
Video of a mostly topless woman dancing seductively -- for no apparent reason, on the side of the road, in the middle of the day -- to Bad Company's 'Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy' is making the rounds on the video viral circuit and generally making us question humankind's purp…
Paul Rodgers Says He’s “Always Up For A Show”
Old rockers don't want to rust, burn out or fade away. They, apparently, just want to keep rocking. We salute them for that, of course. British rock and roll legend Paul Rodgers still hasn't gotten tired of getting in front of an audience, even at the age of 62.

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