For Brian Tichy, a good workout requires a great Rush song. Check out the video above, where the former Whitesnake drummer rhythmically pummels a speedbag to the accompaniment of Rush's "Limelight."

"Rush rules!" Tichy says, via the vieo description on YouTube. "That's that! 'Limelight' rules! Neil [Peart], Alex [Lifeson], and Geddy [Lee] rule!

The connection, by the way, is personal. "Since 'Tom Sawyer' kicked my ass in 7th grade," Tichy says, "Neil Peart has been one of my Top 2 all time favorite drummers. Listen to the 7/8 guitar solo section of 'La Villa Strangiato' – one of the baddest grooves ever created! I could go on forever."

Imagine the thrill for Tichy, who has also worked with Ozzy Osbourne, Foreigner and Billy Idol over the years, when he got the opportunity to play with Vinnie Moore in support of Rush on their 1991 Roll the Bones tour. "Still a total highlight of my life!" Tichy enthuses.

Tichy said his goal in this musical workout was to hit the speedbag in perfect time with Rush, and he almost got there. "I was determined to, with no miss-hits, get through the mighty 'Limelight' before I go on tour," says Tichy, now a full-time member of Operation: Mindcrime, Geoff Tate's Queensryche offshoot band. "Well, I lost it at the very end while 'pulling rope' boxer style – but, hey, it was the ending of, like, the 100th take. It's good enough for now."

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