Rolling Stones firebrand Ronnie Wood has latched onto a curious new hobby: gardening.

The guitar player -- a former alcoholic, now 16 months clean and sober -- says he delights in tinkering around the "controlled jungle" of his new house, weeding and taking care of the flowers and foliage.

The new pastime and serene surroundings of the outdoors help him stay sober.

"It has a beautiful landscaped garden which is like a controlled jungle and it just goes with my new house," the guitarist told the London Evening Standard. "I'm getting stuck in and doing a bit more than just weeding.”

Wood admitted it’s been a challenge to stay on the wagon: "I'm on my second year. I'm seeing things much clearer now and just trying to take it one day at a time.”

His girlfriend -- Brazilian model Ana Araujo, 29 -- has helped Wood stay focused, as has his family. His son, Jesse, says he dad’s sobriety has made a great difference in all of their lives.

"The difference is huge," Jesse said, adding that he’s extremely proud of his rock star dad. “He has been very strong. It has been up and down for him and the family, but he's settling well."

Wood also recently earned two awards from the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards for his other new hobby, a radio show, titled, shockingly, ‘The Ronnie Wood Show.’

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