Even as we prepare to welcome another class of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, it's difficult not to cast a frustrated glance over to the ones left behind. Because, quite frankly, there are some very notable names who've been roundly ignored by the induction committee.

Watch the video above, focusing on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 10 Worst Snubs, as we count down the bands who should have already made their way into those hallowed halls.

Chief among them are Deep Purple and Yes. A pair of classic-rock legends who rose to fame in the early '70s, they've moved million of albums, influenced countless successor bands, sold out a string of arenas, and determinedly continued into a new century.

And yet, they wait. But Deep Purple and Yes, though perhaps the most egregious of these snubs, aren't alone as head-scratching absentees. How about Judas Priest? The Doobie Brothers? Find out who else we think is being unfairly overlooked in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Worst Snubs.

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