Fans who want to have their say in the next round of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions have an extra few days to cast their ballots — and the majority continue to go toward Journey.

Originally scheduled to close on Dec. 5, the Hall's online fan poll is now staying open through Dec. 15. The extension was announced alongside the posting of a massive cache of votes uncovered through an internal audit that increased the total number of ballots cast by roughly 575,000.

Adding more votes didn't change the trend established weeks ago, when the polls first opened: the first-place spot continues to be held by Journey, who — as you can see below — maintain an edge over ELO and Yes for the lead.

As previously reported, the members of Journey have taken active advantage of their social media presence to campaign for fan votes. "The fans are stoked. They’re very, very excited and they’ve been very supportive,” keyboardist Jonathan Cain explained. "I think a lot of fans don’t realize they can vote, and that’s why we’re trying to encourage it."

Above and beyond encouragement, the group's social media outlets have monitored perceived irregularities in the voting closely. On Nov. 28, Journey's Twitter account alleged that the fan vote tally might have been "hacked or taken down" after their lead dropped by a few thousand.

As Future Rock Legends points out, accusations of Rock Hall fan voting chicanery are nothing new — and suddenly adding a slew of votes to the total arguably isn't the best look for a process that was called into question after Chicago racked up a huge number last year. Ultimately, all those fan votes only add up to a single official ballot — but one vote is better than none, and at this point, it looks like Journey's in the driver's seat.


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