Queen aren't playing a ton of dates with interim vocalist Adam Lambert this year, but they're making the most of the ones they do have on the schedule -- such as their gig before the Euro 2012 finals in Kiev on June 30, which will find the band joining forces with Elton John.

All that star power is going towards a good cause: proceeds from the show will help support John's AIDS Foundation and the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation in their ongoing efforts to combat HIV/AIDS. The two foundations first joined forces in 2007, ramping up their collaboration last year with what a press release calls "a second initiative to the public -- a new joint charity project providing prevention and care services for homeless girls and young women who live and work on the streets of Kiev, one in five of whom are living with HIV."

For the members of Queen, of course, using music to help fund charitable research is nothing new. As the same press release notes, "One of the lasting results of a concert by Queen + Paul Rodgers at the Kharkov Plosha Svobody organized in cooperation with the Mercury Phoenix Trust in September 2008 was a new care centre for HIV-positive children in the Zelenogaisky orphanage in Kharkov which was repaired and renovated using the funds raised the concert."

This year's concert, held at Kiev's Independence Square, is expected to draw a live audience in the hundreds of thousands while reaching millions more via televised broadcast.

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