Peter Gabriel's classic 1986 album 'So' spawned some of his biggest hits -- and now footage from the concert tour is being remastered for a possible DVD re-release.

About 45 minutes of a 1987 show in Athens, Greece hit retailers' shelves more than 20 years ago on a concert tape called 'POV.' The 90-minute VHS tape (remember those?) was executive-produced by Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese, with whom Gabriel also worked on 'Passion,' the Grammy-winning soundtrack for the flick 'The Last Temptation of Christ.'

'POV' -- shorthand for "point of view" -- featured not just the Greek concert, but snippets pulled from hours of Gabriel's own home movies shot while on several world tours and films and stills taken by the singer's parents.

Last Friday, a status update on Gabriel's Facebook page read:

"Remixing PG live in Athens in HD and 5.1 from 87 .. We got reverb and we gonna use it."

No word on a pending DVD of the show, but we can hope.

'So' was Gabriel's most commercially-successful album to date, spawning hits like 'In Your Eyes,' 'Big Time' and 'Sledgehammer.' The innovative video for 'Sledgehammer' won a record nine trophies at the 1987 MTV VMAs, and it's still the most played clip in the history of the station that used to be known for music (instead of eye-rolling reality fare like 'Jersey Shore').

Watch the Video for Peter Gabriel's 'Sledgehammer'