Now that Paul McCartney fans have finally had a chance to dig into the recently released deluxe reissue of 'Wings Over America,' it's time to start looking forward to the next installment in the former Beatle's ongoing Archive Collection.

Fortunately, McCartney isn't making us wait before he announces his plans. In fact, copies of 'Wings Over America' come bundled with an ad for what's next: newly restored and expanded versions of 'Venus and Mars' and 'Wings at the Speed of Sound.'

As Vintage Vinyl News points out, these are the two studio LPs that led up to the release of 'Wings Over America' in December 1976. 'Venus and Mars' came first, arriving in May 1975 and topping the Billboard chart on the strength of its hit leadoff single 'Listen to What the Man Said.' 'Wings at the Speed of Sound' quickly followed in March 1976, offering an eclectic batch of tracks that included the smash hits 'Let 'Em In' and 'Silly Love Songs.'

There's been no mention of release dates or specific bonus tracks -- and as VVN notes, inconsistent sales could cloud the Archive Collection's long-term future -- but each of the installments in the series so far (which includes 'Band on the Run,' 'McCartney,' 'McCartney II,' 'Ram,' and 'Wings Over America') have been rounded out with copious amounts of added material.

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