A live concert film from one of the least documented and most difficult times in Ozzy Osbourne's career, 1982's 'Speak of the Devil,' will be released on DVD July 17 from Eagle Rock Entertainment.

Not even three months after losing his friend and creative partner, legendary guitarist Randy Rhoads, in a tragic plane crash, Osbourne was back on the road with guitarist Brad Gillis (better known now for his work in Night Ranger), bravely and energetically performing Black Sabbath classics and songs from his first two classic solo albums.

This video has previously been available overseas, and is not to be confused with the 1982 live album of the same name, which features the same band but was recorded at a different show -- in New York City instead of the DVD's June 12 Irvine Meadows performance.

In deference to Rhoads' legacy (and partially to better compete with his former bandmates' 'Live Evil' album, released just one month prior), Osbourne performed only Sabbath songs on the live album. However, this DVD, digitally restored and remastered and is in DTS and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound for the first time, features both solo and Sabbath songs.

Ozzy Osbourne 'Speak of the Devil' Tracklist:

1) 'Over The Mountain'
2) 'Mr Crowley'
3) 'Crazy Train'
4) 'Revelation (Mother Earth)'
5) 'Steal Away (The Night)'
6) 'Suicide Solution'
7) 'Guitar / Drum Solo'
8) 'Goodbye To Romance'
9) 'I Don’t Know'
10) 'Believer'
11) 'Flying High Again'
12) 'Iron Man'
13) 'Children Of The Grave'
14) 'Paranoid'

Watch Ozzy Osbourne Perform 'I Don't Know' from 'Speak of the Devil'

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