We tend to focus on the wild extracurricular shenanigans Ozzy Osbourne got up to during his drinking and drugging days, but he occasionally got wacky in the studio, too -- and he shared the memories of some of his more unexpected collaborations during a recent Esquire interview.

"Sometimes it works out OK, but I only do these things for a goof," Osbourne admitted after being reminded that he'd once covered 'Stayin' Alive' with Dweezil Zappa and cut a duet with Miss Piggy. Explaining that he likes "to do different things to keep my head going," he added, "I mean, believe me: I'm not a big Miss F---ing Piggy fan! You know, you gotta be careful about what you do."

One example of an off-the-cuff recording that ended up working out extremely well: 'Close My Eyes Forever,' the duet he recorded with Lita Ford for her 1988 'Lita' LP. "She was being managed by my wife. I went to the studio and it kinda half got written. So I went back to England the following week, and my wife phones me and says, 'You know that song you were writing?' And I go, 'What song?' She said, 'That song, Lita wants to come down and work it out with you,'" he recalled. "So I fly back to L.A. and I do the song and I said, 'You know what, Lita? You can have it. I don't want nothing from it. You can have the song.'"

Others weren't quite so cavalier about the co-write, however. "I get on a plane, I go back to England, and then I get another phone call. It's my wife and she said, 'Can you come back out? She wants to do it with you.' I go, 'Do what?' And she goes, 'That f---in' song!' I go 'OK,' and I record the song, go back to England again, and a couple weeks later they want to do a video," Osbourne continued. "I'm going, 'This is getting f---in' ridiculous now!' So I must have done like five million masters, but it turned out OK and I was pretty happy with the end result and she was."

The moral of the story, concluded Osbourne, is that for a guy in his position, "Whatever you put on a track, somebody somewhere will put it out someday" -- which is why he's sure the fans will eventually get officially released versions of every odd decision he ever made in a recording studio. "It will turn up someday. I don't remember everything I recorded, but if I recorded it, you'll hear it," he predicted. "I don't know when or where. When I was f---ed up all the time I did some crazy s---, you know?"

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