The guitar line that follows a young man in the latest Bank of America commercial as he buys a bouquet of flowers, catches a cab and knocks on an apartment door is unmistakable. Any one of the 40 million people who've purchased Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' since its 1977 release will recognize the guitar pattern from 'Never Going Back Again.'

But the instrumental version heard in the 'Flowers' commercial is in a lower key than the familiar cut (played by the song's writer, Lindsey Buckingham) everyone knows from 'Rumours.' It's most definitely not the original Fleetwood Mac recording, but that's certainly 'Never Going Back Again' scoring the 30-second commercial, part of Bank of America’s Life's Better When You're Connected campaign.

Like most of the 'Rumours' album, 'Never Going Back Again' has had amazing staying power over the past 35-plus years. Fleetwood Mac still perform the song in concert as a Buckingham showcase -- he plays it solo on the record and still includes it in his own shows.

No word on who's plucking those familiar notes for Bank of America, and whether or not Buckingham had anything to do with it, other than giving his permission to use the song. You can watch the commercial here.