We are pleased to present the video premiere of ‘What You Want,’ the first single from Journey guitarist Neal Schon’s upcoming album ‘So U,’ which will be released by Frontiers Records on May 19.

Filmed in the back room of the legendary Fantasy Studios in the Bay Area, the clip features the power trio of Schon, bassist Marco Mendoza and drummer Deen Castronovo jamming in the studio, a setting that isn’t too far removed from how many of the songs on ‘So U’ were actually recorded during the week that the three spent creating the material.

In a recent interview, Schon gave Ultimate Classic Rock some insight regarding ‘What You Want’ and how it came together:

“I had the opening riff floating around in my head. I went up to Jack Blades’ house, because he and I write very quickly, and I showed him the idea and we wrote the lyrics and put the song together. I did a demo of it pretty much as it sits on the record in the same form. Jack had sung the lead verses back then and I was singing the parts that I’m singing, so that one was [mostly] together when I walked in the studio with Deen and Marco. That was one of the first songs that I wrote for this project.”

“The song itself is kind of cool, it’s funky and it’s rockin',' Schon beams. "I wanted to kind of do the Sly Stone thing with me singing the lower parts and Deen singing the high harmonies with myself and Marco, and then Marco lead singing and it’s sort of pinballing around. I think that’s a cool idea for a trio that I haven’t seen done in a while.”

Schon hopes that he will eventually get to play some live shows with Mendoza and Castronovo in support of ‘So U.’ He has tentative plans to film a live DVD with Mendoza and Castronovo and if their schedules align, proper tour dates will follow at a later point. You can get more details on Schon's official site.