Before heading out on the road for summer tour dates, Meat Loaf is working to complete his next album, the follow-up to 2010's 'Hang Cool Teddy Bear.'

Meat issued a video update on the project from the studio where he's working with producer Chris Lord-Alge, saying that four songs have been mixed so far and describing them as “incredible.”

In a separate video answering questions for Facebook fans, Meat Loaf talked about the meaning of being a celebrity and said that he's not about that or being a “rock star.”

He says “I don't really relate to myself in any form or fashion as any kind of star. And that's what I had a nervous breakdown about, because they kept putting out 'new star' and I kept saying to the Epic people, do not put the word 'star' in an advertisement, put 'artist,' put 'performer,' put anything but 'star,' because that's not what I'm about.”

Elaborating on the point, Meat Loaf commented “I don't go to where paparazzi is, because I really don't care about being a celebrity or a rock star, not my thing. I like doing my shows, I like doing acting, but you can have the celebrity. I like the craft, I like the skill, I like making it better and I like how we put it together.”

Meat Loaf will launch his summer tour schedule on Wednesday in Milwaukee with a performance at Summerfest. Here's the current list of tour dates.

Watch Meat Loaf Talk About Celebrities and Rock Stars

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