Beginning with a warm church like organ that summons the listener like an invocation, this beauty from Led Zeppelin's debut album, and our choice as entry No. 44 on the band's Top 50 songs of all time, still sounds stunning all these years down the road.

It's your basic blues formula musically and lyrically - his woman done him wrong and is warned of the inevitable - but in the hands of Led Zeppelin, the concept and the tune become their own.

There is a strong folk-rock feel to the song as Jimmy Page kills it on acoustic guitar here, as well as a sort of underlying gospel influence at play. Of all the songs in the band's catalog, 'Your Time Is Gonna Come' could be called one of their, dare we say, poppier numbers. The chorus has a sing along quality missing from most of their repertoire and the overall sound and feel harken back to the pre-'heavy' era of the '60s. It is simply classic British rock.

While there are elements in the arrangement here that are similar to Procol Harum's 'Shine On Brightly,' and a few of the lyrics were, um, "borrowed" from Ray Charles' 'I Believe To My Soul,'  Zeppelin manage to cook it all up into their own brand of stew, something they would make a career out if for the next decade. It's a beautiful song that has only gotten better with age.

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