It’s ZZ Top’s ‘Sleeping Bag’

Did you get it right? That grave's too big for any person, and the steering wheel mounted where a tombstone would usually be serves as your tip-off that this is in fact the memorial service for an automobile. Now, if a car is being mourned, you had to figure ZZ Top would be involved!

'Sleeping Bag' was the first single from their 1985 album 'Afterburner,' and found the trio sacrificing the beloved four-wheeled star of all those videos from their previous blockbuster album, 1983's 'Eliminator.'

Actually, the car sacrificed itself to save the preppy and his date from a monster-truck driving band of hooligans. Except, as you can see here, like a mighty phoenix, the Eliminator is brought back to life as a spaceship, ready to soar in all new fantastic adventures during future videos like 'Stages' and 'Rough Boy.'