Parents in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin covered a billboard promoting Iron Maiden's The Book of Souls, reportedly because the image scares children at a nearby school. They placed a sign over the Mayan-style update of Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie, with an all-caps message reading, "This poster has no business being here."

Mark Wilkinson, who has previously worked with Iron Maiden on 1998's Live at Donington and 2002's Best of the 'B' Sides, created the latest Eddie image for The Book of Souls. He also did the covers for two Iron Maiden singles from 2000's Brave New World, "The Wicker Man" and "Out of the Silent Planet."

Bassist Steve Harris said Wilkinson's art worked in parallel to many of the album's themes, since the Mayan civilation believed that souls live on after death. Iron Maiden even hired a scholar to check the accuracy of the art; Simon Martin also translated all of the song titles into hieroglyphics.

Eddie has been a staple on Iron Maiden's covers since the band's 1980 debut, becoming one of the most recognizable icons in metal along the way. He has continually morphed with each successive album, appearing as a cyborg (1986's Somewhere in Time), a mummy (1984's Powerslave), a mental patient (1983's Piece of Mind) and even as Satan's puppeteer (1982's Number of the Beast. Derek Riggs did the initial artwork.

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