If the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ever gets around to inducting Deep Purple, they might want to look into hiring extra security for the ceremony.

Drummer Ian Paice tells Classic Rock magazine that the band's many lineup changes would pose a major logistical problem behind the Rock Hall podium — to say nothing of the major personality conflicts that remain between certain Purple vets.

"Who would they induct?" Paice questioned. "There have been so many members of this band, even if they say it will be core members, who would it be? You also have to bear in mind, that if some people are inducted together, it could end in a punch-up. I don't need to tell anyone certain key members and former members of this band do not get on. Personally, I think they would be better off inducting us individually. That avoids the problem."

Further adding that "it could be a mess" for the same reasons if past and present members of the band tried to mingle for a live performance, Paice echoed dismissive comments previously made by Purple singer Ian Gillan, who's gone on record as saying he has "no respect" for the Rock Hall committee.

"The Hall of Fame should be embarrassed for not inducting us already," said Paice. "Look at some of the non-entities who've got in. I won't name them, but just have a look at some of those names, and you'll know who I mean. What have they ever done for rock 'n' roll? Nothing. Having these artists in before Deep Purple undermines what it is supposed to represent."

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