Guns N' Roses fans who have hit cinemas this weekend to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens and other films are getting a pleasant surprise. According to several eyewitnesses, including one of our editors, three brief clips of "Welcome to the Jungle" are being played over black-and-white crowd footage during the pre-trailers programming - with no further explanation.

In other words, either something big is up with Guns N' Roses, or they're going for the world record in classic rock trolling. Combined with the band's recent website redesign, these new videos make it seem clear that the group is teasing a major announcement, although there's no indication of exactly what's in store yet.

On Thursday, Guns N' Roses updated the cover and profile photos on their Facebook page with black-and-white shots of a crowd similar to the one in the videos, including the one embedded below. There is no explanation given.

While all talk of a possible reunion of Guns N' Roses' classic lineup remains pure speculation, these videos do prompt the question of what the band could be doing that would bring people into movie theaters. Could it be a vintage-era concert, or maybe the press conference announcing the reunion? In 2014, they screened Appetite for Democracy 3D, a film of a show from their 2012 residency at the Hard Rock Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, in theaters nationwide. Of course, it's also possible this campaign is promoting something that won't happen in theaters.

Rumors about the possible reunion have run rampant since the summer, when Slash revealed that he and Axl Rose were friends again shortly after DJ Ashba and Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal left the band in quick succession. The band has brought back their classic logos, whose trademarks are reportedly co-owned by Slash, Rose and Duff McKagan, for new merchandise and as well as the homepage of their website.

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