Jack Russell's Great White are priming fans for the Jan. 27 arrival of their debut album, He Saw It Comin', with the release of a video for "Sign of the Times."

"I got the idea for 'Sign of the Times' while sitting at an airport waiting for a plane," says Russell of the song. "I was looking around people watching and after a few minutes it came to me that almost everyone was staring into their device of choice. I felt sad for humanity and its loss of conversation."

The new clip, which you can watch above, highlights the work of a lineup that features bassist Dan McNay (ex-Montrose), Fight vet Robby Lochner on guitar, former Bruce Dickinson sideman Dicki Fliszar on drums and longtime Great White member Tony Montana moving from bass to guitar and keyboards. He Saw It Comin' is available to pre-order now.

"I started to think about the fact that people can be and say anything they want to one another behind the safe anonymity of a keyboard. It has allowed bullies to exert themselves not one to one or in a group or class but to everyone their victim knows. It's sickening," adds Russell of the song. "Kids today are really missing out. They spend most of their time indoors playing on their computers. They can become isolated. Even if they have friends they spend their time playing video games together instead of outside enjoying this beautiful planet we live in."

The song leads off an 11-track set that Russell describes as what he "always wanted" Great White to be. "It has the elements of the best Great White music ever written," he promises, "but there’s an edge."

Jack Russell's Great White are booked for a number of tour dates in support of He Saw It Comin' throughout the winter and spring. Visit the band's official site for further details and ticketing information.

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