Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, known for his outrageous stage persona, revealed himself to be -- and this is no surprise for his longtime fans -- a thoughtful, caring and productive team member on the debut episode of this season's 'Celebrity Apprentice' tonight. 

As usual, the celebrities on the show were divided up by gender. After comedian Adam Carolla suggested some pretty funny names for their team, the men unanimously decided on... "Unanimous."  Yes, that's the name, not the start of an Abbott and Costello routine.

'American Chopper' star Paul Teutul, Sr. volunteered to be the team leader on this week's challenge, which simply involved setting up a temporary sandwich shop and trying to sell their wares for outrageous prices.

Even though he wasn't in charge, Snider made some smart suggestions, such as using 'Incredible Hulk' star Lou Ferrigno, Teutul, Sr. and magician Penn Jillette as the outdoor, attention-grabbing team: "You three are giants, and you're (to Jillette) a carnival barker."

He quickly became the team's narrator, explaining each move they made, and keeping the mood light with quips like, "Hey, Lou, you need to do some push-ups?" and "I think we were breaking several local ordinances...I was having a blast!"

Although it looked like they were having trouble matching the women's team in terms of sales, an extremely generous mystery donor was good for 90% of the $330,000 winning total raised by the men. That means they got to watch as the women voted off (a seemingly grateful to escape) Cheryl Tiegs while sipping on champagne.

However, it looks like next week's episode is going to be much tougher on Snider, as a preview showed him dressed up in drag at 'Medieval Times,' injuring his finger and undergoing surgery! Stay tuned...

'Meet Dee Snider' Courtesy of 'Celebrity Apprentice'

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