The original cast recording of Lazarus, a musical built around the songs of David Bowie, will be released on Friday. Original Bowie recordings of two tracks featured in the show, "No Plan" and "When I Met You," debuted earlier today.

Both premieres were given to the BBC. Shaun Keaveny's show on Radio 6 featured "When I Met You," which starts around the 50:20 mark on the site; "No Plan" was aired by Jeremy Vine on Radio 2, with a discussion of the song starting at 45:45.

Bowie recorded the tracks during the sessions for Blackstar with the same group of musicians and longtime producer Tony Visconti. Those two tracks, as well as a third previously unreleased song, "Killing a Little Time," as well as the Blackstar version of "Lazarus," comprise the second disc of the Lazarus cast recording, which was recorded on Jan. 11 this year, the day after Bowie's death.

The first disc features the cast, which includes Michael C. Hall and Sophie Anne Caruso singing such Bowie classics as "Changes," "The Man Who Sold the World," "Life on Mars?" and "Heroes."

The unreleased material found on the Lazarus score represents the second offering from Bowie's vaults to make it to the public since his death. Last month, a box set called Who Can I Be Now? (1974-76) arrived and included The Gouster album, which Bowie had intended to put out in 1975, but the recordings eventually ended up on Young Americans.

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