An upcoming relaunch of DC's 'Action Comics' will feature a new-look Superman modeled after Bruce Springsteen, says the comic book's writer.

Grant Morrison, who has penned the No. 1 issue of new 'Action Comics' series, says Springsteen's blue-collar look was a big inspiration when conceiving the Man of Steel's new look.

"He’s wearing jeans and a T-shirt -- a Bruce Springsteen version of Superman," explains Morrison to Metro UK. "That’s the angle we’re taking. The cape’s still indestructible but the rest is picked up in a shop."

Morrison also adds that the Superman/Clark Kent character will have philosophical ideals that are similar to the ones that Springsteen champions in his music.

"I want to make Superman a more contemporary character," he reveals. "We’ll be changing how he looks, dresses and behaves. He’ll be more like the Superman who appeared in 1938 – more socially active and a champion of the oppressed.”

The No. 1 issue of the updated 'Action Comics' will hit stores Sept. 7. Superman first appeared in the original 'Action Comics' No. 1, which came out in 1938.

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