Best Van Halen ‘II’ Song – Readers’ Poll


The stunning success of Van Halen's 1978 debut album, and the rigorous tour schedule necessitated by their new popularity, didn't leave the band a ton of time to record their second record.

The album's simple title and bare-bones cover art may reveal the hectic pace with which 1979's 'II' was recorded, not even a year after their first release, but the music does not. Which is impressive, since it was largely filled with songs taken from the same batch of early demos from which the band created 'Van Halen.'

Although it lacks some of the immediacy of their incredible debut, 'II' also finds Van Halen staking out new creative ground, from the head-turning and dramatically paced cover of 'You're No Good' to the supremely accessible pop influences of 'Dance the Night Away' and 'Beautiful Girls.'

There were also, of course, plenty of aggressive rock songs, such as 'D.O.A.,' the stunning 'Somebody Get Me a Doctor' and the churning 'Light Up the Sky.' So it's a tough call - which Van Halen 'II' track gets your vote?