Best Van Halen ‘Balance’ Song – Readers’ Poll


The music world had changed a lot in the four years since 'For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge,' largely due to the emergence and dominance of a new wave of more serious "grunge" bands, but Van Halen showed they weren't quite ready to give up their spot in the rock hierarchy with 1995's 'Balance.'

Although there were a few flat-out rockers like 'Big Fat Money' and 'Amsterdam,' the album mostly found the band dealing with more weighty issues such as divorce ('Aftershock') and the state of the world's problems ('The Seventh Seal').

Lead single 'Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do),' (which features some particularly emotive lead guitar from Eddie Van Halen), the wistful 'Take Me Back' and 'Feelin'' all show the band exploring new textures and moods in a very successful manner.

There's also the dinosaur stomp of the instrumental 'Baluchitherium,' and the rather sophisticated piano-led ballad 'Not Enough.' So, which song was the best from Van Halen's last full album with Sammy Hagar? That's 100% up to you, be sure to weigh in below: