Best Van Halen ‘A Different Kind of Truth’ Song – Readers’ Poll


More than a decade after their last album (1998's Gary Cherone-fronted 'III'), Van Halen reunited with original lead singer David Lee Roth on a full-length record for the first time in 28 years with the impressive 'A Different Kind of Truth.'

Any concerns that Roth and the Van Halen brothers would have trouble re-kindling their creative chemistry are pretty much blown out of the water by rockers such as 'She's the Woman,' 'Outta Space' and 'Big River.'

Gratned, the band wisely set themselves up for success by re-purposing unreleased demos dating as far back as the mid-'70s for those three songs and a couple of others on 'Truth,' but they also proved more than capable of delivering new rockers like the twisting 'As Is,' 'Beats Workin'' and 'Stay Frosty.'

Van Halen also demonstrated an ability to stretch out on more serious material on early fan favorite 'You and Your Blues' and the wonderfully sentimental 'Blood and Fire.' So, be honest, which 'A Different Kind of Truth' song is your favorite?