Best Kiss ‘Sonic Boom’ Song – Readers’ Poll


Perhaps because of their constant touring, Kiss spent 11 years after 'Psycho Circus' without recording a new album, by far the longest stretch in the band's career.

However, at some point Paul Stanley grabbed the reigns, insisting on producing a back-to-basics album without outside songwriters, ballads or modern touches, and the results delighted many fans.

Lead single and album-opening track 'Modern Day Delilah' was quickly revealed as a worthy entry to the band's concert repertoire, opening many shows on the 'Sonic Boom' tour and featuring one of the best guitar solos on a Kiss single in decades.

Two other Stanley-sung singles from the album, 'Say Yeah' and 'Never Enough,' will probably get some action. A couple of our personal favorites came from Gene Simmons -- the cowbell-heavy 'Yes I Know' and the brooding 'I'm an Animal,' but of course you're free to vote for any song from the record.

Which 'Sonic Boom' track is your favorite?