Best Kiss ‘Rock and Roll Over’ Song – Readers’ Poll


Although 'Destroyer' had the desired effect of delivering a much larger audience for Kiss, the band opted to take a more stripped-down approach for their next record.

Whether concerned that the previous album's (relatively) complex and polished sound had alienated some of their original followers, or due to their own personal tastes, Kiss shacked up in an empty theater and pretty much just let 'er rip on songs like 'Makin' Love.'

They say you write what you know and live, and based on the lyrics of songs like 'Love 'Em and Leave 'Em,' 'Mr. Speed,' 'Ladies Room' and in particular, 'Take Me' ("Put your hand in my pocket / Grab onto my rocket..."), the band seems to have been going through groupies about as fast as guitar picks.

Of course, they also say once you've learned something it's hard to completely forget it. So it's only natural to hear a heightened sense of dynamics and slightly wider instrumental palette in songs like album-opener 'I Want You,' 'Calling Dr. Love' and the country-tinged ballad 'Hard Luck Woman.'

Which song from 'Rock and Roll Over' is the best? Only your votes can decide!