Best Kiss ‘Hotter than Hell’ Song – Readers’ Poll


OK, personal confession time: This album was my introduction to Kiss, and also pretty much, to rock and roll. I was seven years old and couldn't believe my parents got me a record with a "swear word" in the title. So good luck to me trying to write objectively about it.

Now, as with their first album, 'Hotter than Hell' didn't set the rest of the world on fire quite as fiercely in terms of sales. But, it did provide a new batch of songs that would help Kiss build their reputation as an amazing, "must-see" live act.

The title track remains a concert staple, and fans would probably riot if they didn't get to hear the instrumental section of the extended version of 'Let Me Go, Rock n' Roll' on any given night.

The album's highlights also include the Beatles-on-speed road anthem 'Comin' Home,' the downright and delightfully creepy 'Watchin' You' and Ace Frehley's awesomely spaced-out epic 'Strange Ways.' Gene Simmons' twisted ballad 'Goin' Blind' has become the musical equivalent of a cult midnight movie, and we've only covered about half of this fine album's songs. So, which 'Hotter than Hell' track do you like the best?