Best Kiss ‘Dressed to Kill’ Song – Readers’ Poll


Even though it was their third album in just over a year, and despite the fact that they'd spent just about every non-studio minute out on tour during that time, Kiss managed to deliver another excellent collection of songs with 1975's 'Dressed to Kill.'

The most important track, of course, was the breakthrough hit the band had been trying so hard to write, the legendary and career-defining anthem 'Rock and Roll All Nite.'

Now, to be fair, the song didn't explode on the charts until it was released later that year in a live version from the immortal 'Alive!' set, but for purposes of this poll, all credit goes to the anthem's original home album.

'Dressed to Kill' also featured a pair of surprisingly innocent love vows, 'Anything for My Baby' and 'Love Her All I Can,' as well as the slow-crawling epic 'She' and more traditionally trashy romance songs 'Room Service' and 'Two Timer.'

The downright funky 'Rock Bottom' and the nearly desperate 'C'mon and Love Me' are also long-time live favorites. So it's going to be a tough call - which 'Dressed to Kill' track gets your vote today?