Best Beatles Love Songs – ‘I’ve Just Seen A Face’


10) 'I've Just Seen A Face'
From 'Help!' (1965)

It may have been buried deep on the 'Help!' album when it was first released, but this song has become such a favorite that it was one of only five Beatles songs Paul McCartney played during his 'Wings Over America' tour in 1976.

In just 2:05, it perfectly captures the rush and excitement of love at first sight, when you just want to share your joy with every passing stranger on the street. This country-tinged number features John, Paul and George on acoustic guitars, with George's lean 12-string solo reflecting his growing confidence as a lead player. But what's most amazing about 'I've Just Seen A Face' is that it was recorded on June 14, 1965 during the same session that they cut 'Yesterday' and 'I'm Down," giving further proof of McCartney's increasing versatility.

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