Best Beatles Love Songs – ‘Here, There and Everywhere’


3) 'Here, There and Everywhere'
From 'Revolver' (1966)

Much has been written over the years of the story about how the Beatles and the Beach Boys were engaged in a friendly rivalry throughout the mid-60s. But Brian Wilson's influence on McCartney was never more apparent than on 'Revolver's' standout ballad, the equal of anything found on 'Pet Sounds' that isn't 'God Only Knows.'

Like so many of Wilson's most celebrated songs, Paul takes chords that shouldn't belong together and makes them sound perfectly natural, while the lush harmonies underneath the verse echo Wilson's 'Surfer Girl' and "The Warmth Of The Sun.' It also helps that McCartney's lyric is so perfectly realized and sung in such hushed tones that you almost feel like you're intruding on an intimate moment.

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