No. 7: Metallica’s Tragic Loss


Sometimes the worst luck can turn out to be the best luck -- and good luck the worst. Original Metallica bassist Ron McGovney's time in the band was full of tension and short lived, ending when he quit in 1982. Which looked like a bad move when Cliff Burton took over bass duties and Metallica quickly blew up to become one of the biggest underground metal bands in the world.

But tragically, the decision looked a little better after the 1986 tour bus accident in Sweden that killed Burton, who was thrown from his bunk and crushed when the bus skidded on ice and flipped over. Burton had won the priviledge of sleeping in the choice bunk by drawing an ace of spades in a card game with his bandmates.

Eventually McGovney reconciled with Metallica, joining them onstage during their recent 30th anniversary concerts in San Francisco.