Guns N' Roses impresario Axl Rose finally settled a lengthy legal dispute with his former manager, the venerable Irving Azoff. Rose and Azoff were haggling in the courts over unpaid commissions and mishandled tour and album promotions. The suit was settled on June 14 in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Touring money was at the heart of this tussle between Rose and Azoff, with Axl accusing Azoff of lying about a possible tour package that would be comprised of GN'R and Van Halen, another band that he manages. Rose also said that Azoff, a powerhouse rock 'n' roll career guider, bungled the promotion of the band's long-delayed, came-and-went 'Chinese Democracy' album.

Now that that headache is wiped off the books, Rose is freed up to get back to more important business -- performing live for fans. Along those lines, Guns N' Roses has sorta booked a show in Peru this fall, according to The Morton Report.

The Peru show is slated for October, but oddly enough, an actual date has not been set. So we're guessing this is more like W. Axl's version of a "saves the date" card.


Watch Guns N' Roses Perform 'Chinese Democracy' at Rock in Rio in 2001.

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