Former 'Howard Stern Show' sidekick Artie Lange, whose humor is sorely missed on the morning drive-time satellite radio program, has resurfaced with his hilarious, if a little warped, parody of the Rolling Stones' 'She's a Rainbow' about New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow.

Because "Rainbow" = "Tebow." Get it? (Work with us here.)

Anyone who paid any attention to the NFL last season knows Tebow is one of the most popular athletes in sports and, due to his very vocal Christian faith, one of the most polarizing as well. He's also a hit with the ladies, thanks to his incredibly handsome good looks.

Tim Tebow seems to have it all -- and is therefore a prime target for a song parody designed by a sharp-witted comedian.

Lange has fun with the song, calling him "St. Tim Tebow" who "wears religion on his sleeve / tells all the broads to leave" and suggests that "he'll help the Jets get some wins / And forgive all their sins."

Lange, a noted classic rock fan, can't sing to save his life, but he certainly has a good time at Tebow's expense. He doesn't exactly skewer or roast the QB with his lyrics while he butchers the vocal melody, but it's more about what he sings than how he sings it. He's not mean for the sake of being mean, nor is he on any sort of key. And that's what makes his parody so brilliant.

Listen to Tim Tebow Parody of the Rolling Stones' 'She's a Rainbow'