Alice Cooper offered host James Corden a crash course in makeup application during his visit to The Late Late Show last night.

Corden brought out a picture of Cooper in his stage guise at the start of the interview segment, commenting on his signature look. "My kids could never rebel against me," joked Cooper. "What are they gonna do, come home with blue hair? I invented that."

Challenged to apply his makeup to Corden, Cooper obliged, standing over the host while explaining his inspiration for adopting his image. "You've gotta look good up there. You're not just gonna go up and look at your shoes," he pointed out. "The idea is — there's a world full of Peter Pans and no Captain Hook, and I was more than happy to be a Captain Hook for rock 'n' roll."

Later in the segment, talk turned to phobias, and Cooper shared an odd one. "I hate balloon animals," he admitted. "You know the guy in the mall that makes the balloon animals? My wife and I walk like a mile around that guy, because he's like — it's the sound of it."

Corden, of course, brought out a handful of balloons to demonstrate the hated noise, and Cooper took it in good spirits — but he might not have been as forgiving if faced with a more serious fear. "I hate needles," he told the audience. "A needle around a balloon is fine with me, but they can put my head in a guillotine, they can put a snake around me, but a blood test? I haven't had a shot in probably 30 years, 40 years."

Alice Cooper Discusses His Biggest Phobias

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