While on a press jaunt to promote the new season of 'American Idol,' Steven Tyler dished a little info on the long in the works new Aerosmith album, and it sounds like it won't be all that long till we get our hands on it. 

"All of it's been written but I gotta lay lyrics on it and I haven't had a lot of time," he said while speaking at a press conference for the Television Critics Association, "But what I've listened to so far just knocked me out. I know a good song, I know what's gonna get played on the radio." Humbly adding "I'm not that pretentious to say I think we've got hits, but I think we've got something, and that's all that matters."

Aerosmith haven't released an album of all original material since 2001's 'Just Push Play'. The band began recording material last year while Tyler was doing his TV thang. Famed producer Jack Douglas, who worked on most of the band's classic early albums including 'Get Your Wings', ''Toys In The Attic,' 'Rocks' and 'Draw The Line,' assisted the band again this time out. That's a lot of rock history to live up to, but last year guitarist Joe Perry told fans via Twitter, "People have said when we play the rough tracks it sounds like it's from the '70s."

As reported earlier this week, Tyler claims that Aerosmith catalog sales are way up due to his 'American Idol' gig, which starts up for another season on Jan. 18. Will those sales continue to skyrocket? Time will tell, but hey...what d'ya say Steven...let's get that new Aerosmith album going! Put that J. Lo roller skating party a bit lower on your to-do list and you know... rock!