The best classic rockers of 2015 were the most restless ones -- the ones who didn't sit back and rest on their legends or allowed themselves to be treated as nostalgia bait on the oldies circuit.

From Ringo Starr (who finally got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist, the last Beatle to do so) to Keith Richards (who not only toured with the Rolling Stones, but also released his first solo album in two decades), the artists of the year found new ways to surprise old fans.

And while the majority of the artists who are up for a 2015 Ultimate Classic Rock Award released new albums, the few who didn't (like the Grateful Dead and Motley Crue) stayed busy on the road, packing stadiums and arenas on their respective farewell tours.

But which artist truly ruled 2015? All of the candidates made the most of their year, whether plugging away new songs, reinventing their old ones or just revisiting their classic catalogs with the electrified doses of rock 'n' roll that made them legends in the first place.

For the next several weeks, your vote counts in the 2015 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards. Vote now for the Artist of the Year (and all of the other categories while you're at it). The polls will stay open until 11:59PM ET on Jan. 4, 2016. And you can vote once an hour every day until then, just in case you have some free time during the holidays.

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