Singer-guitarist Billy Gibbons says ZZ Top will return to their "early roots" on their forthcoming album in a new interview with a Houston television station. He also reveals that the group is hoping to release the disc before the end of the year.

"We're having a blast," Gibbons tells Houston's Fox 26 station of recording the album. "It's loud, it's fast... streamlined right on down the line. ZZ Top is just what it is."

He also explains how Rick Rubin, who is serving as an advisor/executive producer on the album, has helped guide them through the process of recording the disc.

"Rick has successfully brought in his particular piece of magic in offering a few suggestions,' remarks Gibbons, "and basically stepped back and he said, 'You really don't have to get much better; just do what you do.' He realizes the foundational piece of this great American art form of the blues penetrates so much of popular music, he said 'just turn it up and let's go.'"

Gibbons goes on to explain that the music is a throwback to the band's vintage sound and that the title of the album will likely reflect that.

"Since the music is a return to the early ZZ Top roots, I believe there's always that Tex-Mex accompaniment," suggests Gibbons. "I wouldn't be surprised if we leaned that direction again."

ZZ Top have a number of North American tour dates scheduled this summer. For more on Billy Gibbons, check out our exclusive interview with him.

Watch Billy Gibbons' Interview with Fox 26 in Houston