One thing that guitarist Zakk Wylde is not is sedentary. After a year full of non-stop rock that included a Black Label Society tour with Judas Priest, some shows with Guns N' Roses and a Christmas album and collaborating the the one and only William Shatner, (or as he calls him,  'Father Shatner'),  Zakk is already getting into gear for 2012.

In a recent interview with Live-Metal.Net, Wylde talked about what's in the pipeline for the new year. One thing in the works is set to show off another side of Mr. Wylde. A live DVD in the unplugged tradition, or as he refers to it, "unblackened." So, what can fans expect from this?  "We’ll have probably a week of rehearsals with the string section, pedal steel, dial in the background singers, but it’ll still have electric solos and stuff like that. It’s not just gonna be all acoustic guitars, just the band and acoustic guitars and mellow drums or anything like that. It’s gonna be full-blown."

Another project is a children's book called 'Bringing Metal to the Children'.  Zakk winkingly labels this project "a new literary masterpiece up there with 'Gone with the Wind.' It’s basically a literary bible of stupidity.  Me and Eric (Hendrikx, co-author) were writing the thing, we were just laughing our balls off when we were writing some of this stuff. A lot of the situations are really real. It’s me talking about a lot of real situations that have actually happened and talking about how ridiculous the music business is."

Do tell!  "The whole thing is, you’ve got your posters of Jimmy Page up on the wall and Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix, Frank Marino, Robin Trower—all my favorite guys—and you practice your balls off ‘til your fingers and your hands are bleeding to hone your craft, and anything after that just basically goes down the shitter. It’s one rude wakeup call after another. But that’s what makes the music business what it is."