A 7-year-old music lover's dreams of attending Girls Rock Camp this year have been thwarted by leukemia — but you can help the internet rally around her and her family as they fight the disease. The Record Store Day Facebook page introduces followers to the girl, named Jolie, describing her as a "rock star who had planned to spend the summer at Girls Rock Camp, but is kicking leukemia's ass instead."

In the photo above, you can see Jolie using an RSD exclusive gift. "Her friends gave her the Ramones record player that was created for Record Store Day, as a way to pass the time wherever she had to be for treatment," continues the post. "We hope the music it plays is her Battle Cry, her Dance Party and her Lullaby, as needed."

The Record Store Day admins go on to suggest donating to the Pablove Foundation as a way of helping young cancer patients; for those who'd like to contribute directly to Jolie's family, there's a GoFundMe campaign, which offers a more intimate connection to her cause.

Saying that "from the beginning, she was an unstoppable force of nature," Jolie's GoFundMe page describes a young girl who "had a natural gift for math and science, and developed an uncanny interest in time travel" and "wanted to learn magic and card tricks and seemed to have a bright future ahead of her as a grifter."

Then she was bitten by the rock bug. "More accurately, she discovered Kiss and other bands she could listen to when she wasn't listening to Kiss," continues the page. "She amassed a record collection that would make a hipster cry. Dude, she owns Music From the Elder. She waited three long years to be old enough to go to Girls Rock summer camp. She enrolled and was accepted. She was going to be a drummer. She was going to write all her own songs."

Jolie may yet achieve that dream, but first, she needs to beat leukemia, and her family needs all the support it can get. "Her road ahead is long and winding and not very well lit. Her mom and dad have no idea what is in store for them," adds the campaign description. "Cancer takes a devastating toll on a family, and financially, while not the smallest part of this, is at least the easiest to address."

To learn more about Jolie's fight and see how you can help, visit GoFundMe.

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