Comedic actor-turned-author John Clive has passed away Monday (Oct. 15) at the age of 79. Clive was best remembered by music fans as giving a voice to the animated John Lennon character in the 1968 Beatles film classic, 'Yellow Submarine.'

In addition to his vocal work, Clive also appeared in a number of films. He starred opposite Michael Caine in the 1969 film, 'The Italian Job,' he played the role of Malcolm McDowell's aversion therapy tormentor in the 1971 classic, 'A Clockwork Orange,' and had roles in two 'Pink Panther' films and several 'Carry On' movies.

On stage, Clive appeared at London's West End in numerous productions. He appeared as the scarecrow in 'The Wizard of Oz' and in Tom Stoppard's production of 'The Real Inspector Hound.'

The Daily Mail reports that as Clive's film career began to wind down, he found another passion in writing. Later in life he penned the international best seller 'KG200' as well as other fiction-based books such as 'The Last Liberator,' 'Barossa,' and 'Broken Wings.'

Clive is survived by two children from his first marriage, a stepson, and his second wife Bryony.

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