Terrible ink jobs featuring the likenesses of Metallica and Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose have landed on a list of worst tattoos compiled by our sister site LoudWire.com. The feature is dubbed the 10 Worst Hard Rock Tattoos Ever, and we challenge you to find anybody with a self-inflicted brand that is more atrocious than anything on the list.

From a smiling Axl Rose, "sporting a cheesy magician mustache and a chin that vanishes halfway across his face" (which comes in at No. 10) to Cliff Burton-era Metallica being remembered in a horrendous back mural (No. 3) and beyond, the Worst Rock Tattoos tally has it all. Cheesy hair-metal leg tats? Check. Amateurish ink in homage of a murdered rock star? Of course! A face tattoo that puts to shame all other face tattoos for eternity? No doubt!

Go ahead, peruse the tally of Worst Rock Tattoos and let us know which one is your favorite (or is that least favorite?) Either way, you won't be forgetting these ink artworks anytime soon!

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