Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen has posted a brief Instagram clip of himself playing 'Sunday Afternoon in the Park,' an awesomely spooky instrumental track from the band's 1981 album 'Fair Warning.'

Of course, Wolfgang wasn't even born until a decade after this song was first recorded -- that's his guitar wizard father Eddie Van Halen playing the track via an Electro-Harmonix micro-synthesizer on the original version. Wolfgang joined the group in 2006, and has performed on their last two world tours as well as their most recent studio album, 'A Different Kind of Truth.'

The clip promoted Wolfgang's mother -- actress Valarie Bertinelli -- to marvel, "I can't believe your pops still has that thing!" on Twitter. (Thanks to the mighty VHND for the tip - you can check out a cool photo of the synthesizer over there.)

There's been much speculation as to what 2015 will bring us from Van Halen. Rumors of a new studio album were sparked by a photograph of Eddie outside a mastering studio last July, but recent speculation seems to suggest the band is working on a live DVD from one of their more recent concerts instead.

We do know we will hear new music from Wolfgang in the form of the second Tremonti album, which will feature him on bass and background vocals. The as-yet-untitled record from Creed and Alter Bridge star Mark Tremonti's group is due out sometime in 2015.

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